The influence of colors in our daily activities is now well known, even the marketing carefully studies the most suitable colors for a logo, a website, to immediately represent the identity of what a company wants to represent. Therefore, we can also delegate a specific message to our outfit.

Everything has been said about colors, books have been written and various studies have been carried out. Research shows that colors can have interesting and curious mental effects. Looking at certain colors triggers neurological reactions in the brain and affects the hypothalamus gland to release hormones. The dress we wear, together with its color, can therefore influence our mood, self-esteem, our aspirations and attention to detail and inevitably transmits messages to the people we are going to attend on a specific occasion.

We can express energy, elegance, aggression, good humor, optimism, all sensations that can make us feel comfortable or not in a given situation. It must also be considered that colors do not all have the same meaning in the world, due to culture, tradition they are sometimes in contrast with each other between the western and eastern parts of the world.

So what do the color choices represent? Let's see them in detail, but from a perspective not necessarily of formal use, but in particular on the emotions, moods and qualities associated with each shade.


Let's start with the favorite color in the fashion world: blue. Blue has been linked to the release of oxytocin, the calming hormone, which makes you feel calm. The lighter shades convey confidence, patience, reliability and creativity. Darker shades add strength, stability and authority, not surprisingly in most cases the police uniforms in the world are dark blue. Can you imagine a policeman dressed in light green? Can he be credible?

When to wear blue clothing: to put yourself and others at ease, for a job interview, an important meeting or any situation where you want to convey credibility and confidence.

Turquoise / light blue

 It is probably the color that, among all, has the strongest pacifying effect on our central nervous system. Seeing the blue sky and a turquoise sea are good for our eyes and our soul.

When to wear turquoise and blue clothing: if you are looking for a feeling of well-being and relaxation and want to get rid of some negative feeling.


A red dress attracts attention and communicates a certain resourcefulness. It is a color that inspires action, daring, passion or in some cases even anger. Used as a symbol of danger color. Would you go to a dentist where everything is red? If used well it can mean romance.

When to wear red clothing: To inspire a passionate response, to attract attention, or to take a confident attitude in a situation. The important thing is not to overdo it and you should avoid wearing red clothes all the time, as it can seem aggressive.


Research implies that orange in the modern Western world inspires happiness, energy, fun, friendliness. Scientists suggest this when you are feeling depressed and pessimistic. It has a soothing action and on a mental level it helps to get rid of some negative thoughts and redistribute energy. However, be careful to use it in moderation, its vibrant and flamboyant tone can make you seem irreverent, so go in moderation.

When Wear orange clothing: to make a meeting or a situation particularly welcoming and friendly.


It is scientifically proven that most people associate yellow with joy, positivity, energy, optimism, so wearing it can increase your mood (and perhaps even the mood of your moody friend). Bring smiles and optimism. Do you know why we tend to associate yellow with joy? Because it is linked to the solar plexus, the energy distribution center of our body (also known as the "third chakra" for those who know matter). But pay attention to the duration of the occasion in which it is worn, in the long run it can become annoying for someone. At first you make a beautiful impression, but it is a color that tires the eye in the long run and can become irritating. Do you have a long business meeting? Choose another color ...

When to Wear yellow clothing: to increase optimism before an important event, to improve one's energy and positivity.


Purple is also one of the colors that has a calming effect and reduces the nervousness component. A dark shade helps create a slim silhouette and hide some shape. Purple can be considered as a royal, luxurious, refined color, but at the same time it conveys a mystical, esoteric and spiritual shade. It takes on more femininity and energy with lighter shades.

When to Wear Purple Clothing: To deeply tap into your sense of personal strength during a situation that requires balance, strength and charge. To demonstrate refinement and royalty.


Black can send mixed messages depending on how you wear it. To look chic, black must be on a perfect dress, not sloppy ... It certainly conveys seriousness, prestige and value, but it can give the impression of hiding something. It is a suitable color to offer emotional protection.

When to wear black clothing: During a situation or event where you may be vulnerable to provide a sense of mental armor.


We can define pink as the color of women. It is associated with femininity, it is playful, youthful, fun, exciting. Another good reason to wear pink is that men prefer women in pink, the color closest to the skin.

When to wear pink clothing: For a party or social event to tap into a more playful and relaxed energy.



The quality of the green color is definitely the feeling of relaxation, reassurance, security, new beginnings, renewal. It is associated with themes of nature and ecology, of environmental purity.

When to wear green clothing: for a calming and well-being effect during or after a stressful period.


In the field of fashion it is a timeless color. The color of responsibility, calm and mystery, defined as an “intelligent” color.

When to wear gray clothing: if you want to relieve anxiety, if you are busy at work, if you have a lot to do. Useful in the workplace, as it conveys a sense of responsibility and credibility.


It has always been associated with the theme of purity, innocence, nobility, cleanliness. Gives you a feeling of peace and tranquility.

When to wear white clothing: there are several cases in which the white color fits and is for culture and tradition used. But if you feel guilty about something or you need to encourage forgiveness, it is the most suitable color.

And you ? What color are you today?